Winter’s Warmth

The Texas weather has a mind of its own when it comes to the fall. From the middle of November throughΒ December, the weather is supposed to be cold, for the most part. Jocelyn met up to shoot this story in Mid-November, and the previous day was around 40 degrees… but, it was around 60 degrees for us.

This was what I like to call Winter’s Warmth.

The Cold & The Warmth

Being warm will definitely keep us comfortable rather than the cold, at least that’s what I’ve always been told. Our skin is more relaxed when it’s warm, so the best thing to do is embrace that warmth and leave the cold behind.

The Impact

Anything can leave an impact on you, even if its the weather. Luckily we had warmth to accompany us on this adventure of exploring.

Our Mind

Most of the time when we relax, our minds can picture the warmth we wish would surround us. Embracing temperature freely is something that we can do at any time, but it’s most desirable in a warm setting. But when in the winter’s warmth, our mind allows us to see and feel it as something entirely new.

The Pathway

We traveled along the pathway through nature to see where it would lead us, and what we could discover on this unseasonably warm day – a chance to look further inward.

This shoot was another success, on an unseasonably warm day.

Love… and live to see it.

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