The More the Merrier

Every individual is different, everyone has different values, and with that comes different perspectives; In a time where we’ve just had to face what we never wanted to face. When we share moments, do we think others will understand the differences we have even if it leads to uncertainty?Β No we do not, we feel that the other person may not understand but, there is someone always willing to understand.

Finding The Difference

Every person has a unique personal theme that others see differently, whether it’s skin tone, body type or size, hair color, or perception…


It shouldn’t matter what others think of you and your differences, but how much you love yourself for being you. This is why you should try to understand eachother.

Breaking out of a shell, with another

However, When you find that one person that listens, everything can change.

Landing on The truth

Separation sets us apart from knowing how people really are sometimes. In this day in age the “different” get judged, we need to realize that sometimes the different holds the best voices, and the more – the merrier.

Stay tuned for more of series – coming soon!

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