Getting Rainy with Amy

The working title I had in mind was getting wet and dirty in the wilderness, but ended up going with the current one. Though both are pretty accurate. This was a raw shoot, and that’s what we wanted to capture.

We met up to embark on another journey. It was hard to beat the weather of our previous one, the forecast was not looking good so we embraced the rain and jumped right into it, fully prepared to get wet and dirty.

Getting Wet and Dirty

Considering the rain clouds overhead, we grabbed ourselves and not much more, and worked our way into the woods to find a cool location to dress up and dress down.

A Lacey Exterior

For the first set of photos the goal was to aim for lingerie, and fortunately Amy had a beautiful piece by Karolina Laskowska to get us going.

Underneath it All

They say beauty is only skin deep, but inner beauty can be externalized. If you embrace your own energy, you can be more than just a simple earth creature; In Amy’s case she accomplished all of that and beyond.

I’m an Earth Creature

Along our trek we were chatting about the name of this little site, and admittedly I claimed that it was working against what we’ve created, essentially blocking it into a small box with too many limitations. That, or the word creature could be seen as an offensive way to describe a beautiful being, as you are in nature, as grounded and free spirited as you can be.

Amy reassured me that it was a great name. So even if it’s not perfect, maybe it’s still ok? Either way, she was excited to be an Earth Creature, and proudly proclaimed that she felt like one; which made me smile, at least inside.

Amy is now an official tree hugger.

We found some other creatures along the way.

The rain was starting to get annoying, fogging up the camera and leaving us a bit too wet and dirty, so we decided to get a few more quick shots and call it a day.

And that’s the end of this journey, a super fun shoot, even in the rain.

But before we leave you, here’s an obligatory bigfoot spotting in the wild… and something from the “blooper” reel.

Lingerie by Karolina Laskowska

Amy Wilderness is available for hire, you can check her out on Instagram or Patreon.
Interested in collaborating on a shoot for Earth Creature Magazine in the NYC area? Get in touch through Instagram and let’s schedule a shoot. You can also apply through our casting call or contact us directly.

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