Fun in the Fall Foliage: Together

It was a cold and breezy fall day on the island, but Apricot and Maddie were driven to make some art in the fall foliage, in spite of the temperature. This 3 part series is a result of our journey into the colorful, but frigid forest.

Keeping it classy but cold AF

We started off our adventure with some fall-themed bodysuits, partially to keep warm, but mostly just to be warmer in general. We were ready to search for some beautiful colors and contrast, and fortunately, we had the beauty part covered. With that out of the way, we hit the trail… walking.

Taking cover under some brush

When it starts to get windy and there’s nowhere to hide, finding some cover for shooting is always important. Other than having a few extra layers or blankets at least. We attempted to take cover under some forest brush… which turned into an opportunity to really explore being one with nature.

Often the embrace of your friend’s warm body is the best way to keep warm.

But… what would aΒ friendlyΒ visit to theΒ forest be without some fun and fooling around?

And after experimenting with some artsy shots, we decided to warm up for a bit… but that’s always another opportunity to have some laughs and make bad jokes.

Frolicking Through the Forest

Like any of these shoots… why so srs? We’re not that serious. This is fun, after all. A quickΒ warm-up and we were back to frolicking through the forest foliage.

Say that 5 times fast.

Hey!! No groping!

One last setΒ and I think we’ve got it

When it starts to get too cold there comes a time to stop, but there’s generally room for just a few more shots.

At the end of the day, what kind of journey would this be without bloopers and more fun?

High five! Now it’s time to go warm up. And be sure to check out parts 2 + 3 with Apricot and Maddie individually.

Apricot and Maddie are available for booking and other work, you can check them out on Instagram.
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