Fun in the Fall Foliage with Maddie

Maddie is friends with Apricot, who got in touch to shoot on a recent visit, she joined us on the journey and took part in the shoot, as you can see their shoot together if you missed it.

It was a chilly day, but we set out to come up with some fun shots in the quickly dropping sun. Starting with some sheer bodysuits, we jumped right in.

Fighting off the Cold

As thin as it might be, skin-tight fabric can help just a little bit when the wind isn’t blowing. Maddie pulled it off, though!

Down to the bare necessities

It wasn’t long before we got down to the ground and got in some artsy shots in as pure a form as one can be, full-on nudity.

Surprisingly, Maddie didn’t have any professional modeling experience or training and said that she was normally the one behind the camera, but I think she did an incredible job.

Wrapping things Up

On our way out of the forest we found a cool tree with a hole, which provided a unique shot – so we stopped to check it out before calling it a day.

Every tree is part human, or is every human part tree?

Maddie is up for shooting, and you can get in touch with her on Instagram.
Interested in collaborating on a shoot for Earth Creature Magazine in the NYC area? Get in touch through InstagramΒ and let’s schedule a shoot. You can also apply through our casting call or contact us directly.

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