Chasing Warmth in the Woods

When you luck out with that warm fall day flooded with golden sunbeams sneaking through the trees, you know it’s time to enjoy the beauty of nature – and become an earth creature.

Exploring uncharted territory

Tiffany got in touch because she was looking to explore creating art involving nudity in nature. While she had some experience with modeling previously for other photographers, this was a style of art she was looking to create. Naturally, it seemed like a great opportunity to find some fall forest scenery so we could explore our mutual interests to create something fun and beautiful.

Connecting with the earth

In order to truly fit the theme, we had to get deeper into the forest to find some warmth and a comfortably safe place to be, before she set herself free. This little clearing between some trees seemed to work out.

A Happy Tree

Instead of just standing alone, she decided to enjoy the forest and be one with a happy tree.

Sometimes all you need is a little greenery to fit right in.

Quick! Before Losing Light

As the sun was rapidly going down, the temperature began to drop just as the wind started to blow – leaving the warmth in the woods as nothing but a shattered dream.

So we had one more warm-up break before getting the last few shots.

Just a few more and we’re outta here…

A warm blanket and a fun prop, time to wrap things up. Fortunately it was mostly just two of us, some moss and lichens, and the freedom to express.

Until next time…

We managed to make it safely through the day, Tiffany is fun and easy going and you you can find her on Instagram or Model Mayhem for more work.
Interested in collaborating on a shoot for Earth Creature Magazine in the NYC area? Get in touch through InstagramΒ and let’s schedule a shoot. You can also apply through our casting call or contact us directly.

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