Camp Memories and Nightmare Fuel

Some childhood memories are pleasant, many are not. Well at least for some of us. If that sounds like you, you’ve probably purged them from your brain or have tried to forget because of all that cringe. Unfortunately, that is, until you’ve had the chance to step back in time and revisit a place that fueled your nightmares…

This was one of those trips. Visiting a place once sent off to for summer “fun”. Though, this time, it was more like sweet juicy revenge. From abusive camp counselors, to bullies and show-offs who always had something to brag about. If they’re not full of guilt by now, they should be… but most likely they’re in a place of power, bullying their way through the corporate ladder and continuing to make themselves feel important.

But, who needs them? You’re the best version of yourself, and you always have been.

Cabbage conducting is a true form of expression


Forging ahead we found new inspiration โ€” Anguish

I guess, sometimes, memories are better off repressed.

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