Going On Another Forest Adventure

It was a hot and sunny day in May, when we set off for the forest to find some fun foliage to fool around with. Alright, feels good, I’ve got my alliteration out of the way.

So we ventured into the woods to find some inspiring natural backdrops and props designed by mother nature — though we really didn’t know what to expect, as this was a new path and a new collaboration being forged from the roots up.

Cooling down in the crazy heat

There’s something about being in nature that just makes you want to stop what you’re doing and connect with it. Maybe it’s the crux of human nature, maybe it’s the way we’ve built our modern lives around city streets, food supplies and alcohol. I just love being connected to it and putting my worries behind.

Beyond the serenity, one thing about being in the forest is that it leads to all sorts of raw uniqueness, from hollowed out trees, to meandering rivers and more specifically, weird spotty patches of light creeping through canopy overhead. We found all of that, and then some.

Another segment of reality

Shooting in natural light mid-day is always a unique challenge as the sun moves across the sky, casting beams of light and shadows into new locations every step you take. Sometimes you’ve just gotta luck out and get the timing just right for that perfect moment of light and shadow. That’s part of the fun when exploring for photos.

This was another  spontaneous shoot, the kind that I really like. We didn’t really pick a theme or style per se, but Kara made some great wardrobe choices that fit in with nature, and complimented her green eyes and the flourishing spring leaves.

And then of course, what is being in nature without liberating yourself in your truest form—plus a little extra for comfort and privacy.

Towards the end of our shoot, a light breeze had picked up that was just right for catching windblown hair, an ephemeral moment of perfection I’d say.

Model: Green Eyed Nymph

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