Along The Winding Island Path

When you’re exploring in nature you often find things without really trying. For this shoot, that’s what happened.

It’s been a rainy summer everywhere, so naturally we had some really heavy rain allowing nature to carve out a river bed for exploration, thankfully it was dried out, but it was a good starting point for the first shoot with Aly.

Fit & Free

We began this journey with some undressing in the ditches and dark winding paths carved out by mother nature. A perfect opportunity to embrace raw human beauty. Aly is incredibly fit and her stunning physique blended well with the trees and moody atmosphere ahead.

Rising Above The Ditch

Climbing out of the hole we dug ourselves into, was the forest bed, downed trees, and some foliage to have some fun in. Tick free, hopefully.

Homeward bound or winding back around

We found ourselves hitting the ends of our energy limits, so we headed back towards our starting point to wrap up the day, but first we captured some last awesome shots.

Even the trees were intimidated

When you’re rockin’ life this way, even the trees wilt at your presence.

Even if you’re not smiling outside, you’ve gotta smile inside.

Aly is available for hire, you can check her out on Instagram.
Interested in collaborating on a shoot for Earth Creature Magazine in the NYC area? Get in touch through Instagram and let’s schedule a shoot. You can also apply through our casting call or contact us directly.

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