What is Earth Creature Magazine?

Earth Creature is a new digital magazine celebrating raw natural beauty and the connection with earth through moody visual stories with a focus on edgy fashion, lingerie, nudity and implied nudity in nature and beyond.

Every body is beautiful. Be an Earth Creature.

As we continue to develop our strategy and share new content, we’re looking to beginΒ publishing exclusive digital downloads and print issues that you can purchase directly for a low cost. We’re not looking to make a profit, but instead, promoting the female form through artistic imagery, with fashion and beautiful bodies. Stay tuned for more information β€” we’re very excited about sharing our continued work with you.

In the meantime, models or brands if you would like to collaborate please get in touch through the contact or collaboration page or send us a DM on Instagram.

If you’re a photographer and wish to submit some of your photography to be featured on Instagram, please do so here.

Who are The Creatures?

We’re a small team creating beautiful pictures to share with you, here’s a little about each of us.


Ian The Creature, Photographer & Founder

After shooting portraits with models from another gig and hearing horror stories about the treatment of women by some well-known male photographers who shall remain nameless, he chose to help right their wrongs in his own way and Earth Creature Mag was born. However, having always been inspired by this style of art, promoting natural beauty, and being driven by nature – it was destiny.Β In addition to running the website, he also creates his own stories that you can see featured throughout.

Camera’s: Fuji X-T2, Mamiya RZ76 Pro II, Bronica ETRS
Instagram: @ianthecreature

Austin Lewis, Contributing Photographer & Content Creator

Austin got his start with photography as a hobby and eventually began working with aspiring models and creating some amazing work in the mornings, nights and weekends, and in between classes to make sure he could keep it up between studying for exams and playing Overwatch.

Camera: Canon 6D
Instagram: @theonlyalew

Caroline Rowcliffe, Contributing Photographer & Content Creator

To summarize Caroline:Β Feministy, empowerer of people who enjoys helping others feel beautiful, strong, & sexy. She’s a happy & bubbly bisexual vegan located in Knoxville, TN, who also loves meeting new people, adventuring, hiking, yoga and dogs.

Camera: Canon 5DMk4
Instagram: @carolinerowcliffe

Want to collab with the team?

Contact us today. We’re currently looking for the following:

Female Models
Brand Collabs (Lingerie and boudoir apparel)

Note: This magazine is a 100% free volunteer project, so please only get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating with the team in your available free time.